About NPI

NPI Leadership Coaching International was formed because I saw the need for coaching and leadership training for both businesses and individuals with the sole purpose of helping them reach their goals -- and beyond. Too often, individual and business goals are divergent. However, in order to achieve true success, those goals must converge.

The fine line between success and failure is often blurred due to the lack of proper vision. As a result, convergent pathways are unnecessarily missed. I have a unique insight that can help both the individual and the business/organization goals come together.

NPI can help you see and achieve those convergent pathways.

My leadership thrust is to break past the status quo, and drive for continuous improvement to achieve performance beyond record levels.  As an expert trouble shooter, I proactively identify challenges and operational issues, and have demonstrated the ability to develop and implement appropriate solutions.

It is in my DNA to inspire, develop and help people grow to reach their God-given potential.